Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Fashion Week! Report on the Chanel Haute Couture Show in Paris. Spring/Summer 2011

Haute Couture seen by Karl Lagerfeld has once more created amazement in Paris as the genius has stroke again.

Feminine, elegant and subtle silhouettes have been the name of the game with pink being THE central color used in every shade. A number of outfits mixed ambitiously the classicism of a tweed ensemble with the modernity of a skinny pants… Actually, the skirts were worn above the pants…. All about the layering, while creating homogenous looks.

Scarves used as belts delicately worn on the thighs, glittering fabrics married with strict textures, the presence of tulle, transparency games, and this is how we fight time in Chanel, proposing a collection younger than ever. We could also note a lot of vaporous textures giving to the show a dreamy like atmosphere, some of the outfits resembling an aquarelle painting.

Interestingly, Chanel Haute Couture designs are very down-to-earth and completely wearable in “normal” life while other designers on the opposite create outfits one could never imagine wearing without looking dressed-up. Thus, making it ever so harder not to be green with envy in front of all these delicate, elegant, trendy, subtle, audacious (my list could go on and on…..) outfits we could all imagine ourselves completely in!!!

Well, click here to take a look at the show to make up your own opinion on the new collection!

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