Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Missoni's Friends and Family Affair!

For its Spring 2011 ad campaign the Italian brand pushed the boundaries between art and fashion by presenting a series of photos, collages and videos representing the Missoni’s family along with some of their closest friends and acquaintances.

The ad campaign turns into a real series of portrait one could very possibly imagine hung on an art gallery’s wall. As Angela Missoni explains: “we were inspired by St.Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band, by that record cover conceived by the great British pop artist Peter Blake. A work that, in my opinion, perfectly summarizes the spirit of our collection, its playful shapes, cut out and silhouetted against space. I have therefore asked the great artist to realize a big collage of portraits for our campaign. And, to my great joy, he accepted."

I discovered this campaign in Milan this week end, while entering Missoni’s shop in order to day dream on their beautiful collection, and, directly fell in love with it. The photos and collages represent in a perfect way the brand’s playful, joyful and bohemian look, while at the same time acting as real works of art.In the campaign, you will recognize, apart from the family members as Tai and Rosita, Vittorio, Luca and Angela and Margherita, to only name a few, a variety of personalities of the social and creative world such as Leighton Meester, EugĂ©nie Niarchos, Tatiana Santo Domingo, and Charlotte Dellal.

It’s now time for you to take a look at the photos and video constituting this very original ad campaign, representing the perfect interaction between art and fashion!! It makes us love Missoni even more, if that was possible!!!;-)


Anonymous said...

I love the video!! The psychedelic tone is really appropriate, as it seems that the aim of the film is to let ordinary people like us enter the world of Missoni!!! World known for its geometric forms and psychedelic repetitions... I love it!!

Thanks again,


Popy said...

Thank you for your very pertinent comments! Much appreciated!! Very happy you liked the article!!! I completely agree with the fact that the video is letting us in Missoni's world!! A very fascinating world!! xx

G.M. said...

What a talented family! Their designs, independent from fashion, but so permanently right, have for so many years been perfectly fitted into any trend. And the video is a delight, humorous and most beautiful. I'm a big Missoni fan, and there is something heart-warming about the fact that it is still a family business. I love the shops, and feel that I have been there a moment. Thank you

Popy said...

I completely agree with you!!! A real timeless style!! The ad campaign is really heart warming! xx