Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Who To Replace Galliano??

Now that the news is officially out, that Dior has fired its Art Director, John Galliano, following an inacceptable anti-semitic behavior, all the chit-chat going on now is about whom will Dior pick to replace that crazy genius?!

As odious and disgusting as the personage may appear to most people now (and am of course first in line!!) we have to admit that the man has an extraordinary talent and the one who will have to walk on his footsteps will face numerous challenges.

As a matter of fact, the newby will have to be able to maintain Dior’s success (you should note that Galliano had multiplied by 4 Dior’s profit from the moment he took the lead of the designs) while proposing his own particular style, very different from Galliano’s, in order not to be the target of constant comparisons. In other words, a very complicated task, only top and experienced designers would be able to achieve!

While a few names have been going around town for a few days now (and more particularly around the net ;-)) here is my own selection of possible replacement as Dior’s Art Director.

One thing is sure, the chosen designer will need a touch of craziness, but not too much, as we do not want another out-of-control Galliano!!!

Matthew Williamson

It seems as if no one but me has thought about him as a replacement to Galliano, but, anyway, I would see him as a very good fit in regards to his youthful, bright and extremely creative style. After having worked for the Pucci institution and being presently at the lead of his own brand, the British designer has just the experience and talent needed to take over Dior’s designs.

Heidi Slimane

Having revolutionized menswear at Dior Homme and by consequence, having already worked with Sidney Toledano, could be a good asset for this designer who has now retired from the fashion world, in order to pursue its passion for photography. However, he has often stated that he would be very happy to integrate the fashion world again, and what better re-entrance than to replace Galliano??

Riccardo Tisci

This London trained Italian designer, at the head of the Givenchy designs since 2005 could also be seen as a good replacement in regards to the way he rejuvenated the brand by imposing his own style.

Alber Elbaz

Last but not least, Alber Elbaz, the Moroccan born designer, could be just the perfect fit as his designs possess just the touch of crazyness and audacity I would imagine the new Dior’s Art Director to need. His principal goal is to create joyful and playful outfits in which women feel happy. In regards, to that, how not love that designer, who's sparkling personality reflects in his outfits. However, will the designer want to leave Lanvin at the peak of his success??( You would have noticed that it’s my favorite pick!!!:-))

Plus, two names from the LVMH group have been spreading, Marc Jacobs and Phoebe Philo. However, in my view, I would doubt that Celine’s designer minimalist style will fit the more extravagant Dior while Marc Jacobs seems to have created his perfect nest at Louis Vuitton!

Finally, according to fashion priestress, Anna Wintour, the Rodarte sisters could be the perfect choice as they possess, in her view, the same spirit as Galliano’s!

Now after all that speculation, we’ll just have to wait and see, don’t we??


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