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La Petite Fripeuse

Sophie Perriraz, along with her boyfriend Cédric Le Perff and her own mother Catherine Perriraz , created around a year and a half ago a very original concept called, Les Petites Fripeuses.

The idea could be defined as a network around, what we call in French, les fripes (in english = second hand clothes). As a matter of fact, her love for vintage clothes, led her, with the precious help of her boyfriend and mother, to develop a real network and create around it gatherings called “Fripes Party”, during which girls can acquire clothes from other girls in exchange of the clothes they brought to the sale. 

A very good concept that, by the way, sticks very well with the economic recession as it allows us to bring some change to our wardrobe without hurting our purse.

Don’t you have an armful of clothes inside your wardrobe which are still trendy and in fashion but that you just can’t bear anymore as you have worn them over and over again?? Well, if that is the case then these kinds of parties are for you. If you live in Geneva, do not miss the next one, which is scheduled for the 20th of March. (As for practical info, you would have to bring your own used clothes to Sophie at her shop, address at the end of the article, before the 5th of March).

While being a nice way to shop, it also gives the opportunity of meeting stylish girls who share our same love for fashion and clothes!!!

Sophie and Cédric didn’t stop there, as, in December 2010, they opened a second hand store in Geneva, Les Fripeuses, thus taking one step further in realizing their passion for vintage clothes. It is in the shop that I met Sophie and Cedric this week.

As soon as I entered, I was impressed by the decoration and the size of the shop, as it seemed I had entered in a place out of time, in which we can find inspiration from the 60’s, the 70’s and the 80’s, with every decoration and furniture piece chosen with great care. Also, and it's very unique for a second hand shop, every clothes are assembled according to their category, dresses with dresses, shoes with shoes etc, thus giving a sense of order allowing us to shop in the most pleasant way.

In the shop, you can find a succession of timeless pieces such as lady-like croco bags, shearling coats along with unique stylish items from other times. Also, the kindness of Cedric and Sophie added to the welcoming and cozyness aspect of the shop. Plus, just by looking at Sophie's style you fall in love with vintage clothes and want to buy the entire shop in order to pull off the same kind of look!!

The shop reflects the kindness and the love for fashion of its owners. I loved it and strongly recommend those living in Geneva, as well as those in the city even for a few days, to stop by this vintage haven.

Here is the interview I did of Sophie which passion for fashion and more precisely vintage clothes will surely seduce you!

Popy: To start, please tell us, how you came up with the idea of “Les Fripes Party” and then of the shop “Les Fripeuses”?

Sophie: The idea of “Fripes Party” came from a personal experience. I’ve always had too many clothes, but paradoxically I needed to buy new ones. Am I not “just” a woman? ;-)

I noticed that my cousins were happy to receive the clothes I was not wearing anymore, then I realized that those items could totally please someone else.
One day, in the need of an extra-professional project, I decided to create a network of clothes exchange, and “Les Petites Fripeuses” came to life :-)

The shop “Les Fripeuses” is a professional desire. I wanted to work in the textile industry, I couldn’t see myself doing something else. Addicted to second hand items - it’s a cliché, but my great-grandmother was already a second hand buyer - I was going to the fashion capital cities to find real “fripes” because we couldn’t find them in “Suisse Romande”. Then, I decided it was time for Geneva to have its own friperie. I got inspired by the international model and I tried to adapt it into the Swiss way of thinking and shopping.
With the help of our family, my boyfriend and I built a solid business plan, we created the company, we looked for a big and well-deserved place, we decorated it to be welcoming and cozy, we found great second-hand items. As for a baby, it took 9 months to put everything together and on December 2th 2010 “Les Fripeuses” was born :-)

P.: Could you please explain the concept of “Les Fripes Party”?

S.: “Les Petites Fripeuses” is a network of clothes exchange. We don’t use money at all. It’s like the old concept of barter. It’s the best way to easily get rid of your clothes and to save money.
If you want to participate, it’s easy. You sort your closet, you bring the pieces you don’t want to wear anymore at “Les Fripeuses” boutique and then you come at the Fripes Party, where you will do free shopping.
To sum up, here is how it works: we collect clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, jewels, etc.
We sort them and what is not kept for the “Fripes Party” is given to charity. (We usually give more than 10 bags of 110 liters). We put a virtual value called "fripes" on the selected pieces, which we label. The day of the “Fripes Party”, all pieces are put together, like in a shop, you get a credit card with your total number of “fripes” and you can take anything you want for the same amount of “fripes” you have got.
It’s important to know that the pieces of “Les Petites Fripeuses” are not mixed with the one of the shop “Les Fripeuses”, it’s two different concepts.

P.: Your favorite vintage look?

S.: Thanks god the high waist is back! :-)
I don’t have a particular favorite vintage look, it would depend on the person, the mood, the situation. But to choose one, I would say a high waist short with polka dots, a white blouse with small shoulder pads, customized flat derby in the day, platform shoes in the evening. A super rock leather jacket to spice up the outfit. All second-hand items, of course!

P.: Your definition of elegance?

S.: Elegance is an attitude more than apparel. Humbly wearing an incredible outfit, for me that's the elegance. Now, if I had to choose an elegant outfit, I would say a beautiful blouse (especially not waisted), why not with a bit of lace, a vintage neckless, a blazer with shoulder pads and oversized heels.

P.: Your favorite piece in the shop at this moment?

S.: This skirt. Colors are interesting, it's high waist, it combines polka dots and flowers, you can wear it with flat shoes or with heels, it's light, perfect for spring.

P.: Your favorite fashion accessory?

S.: My vintage Chanel bag and my great-grandmother ring

P.: Your favorite fashion designer?

S.: Mary Quant, for her audacity in having taken the risk of bringing the mini skirt in the 60's and for her pop touch, we never dared to wear here.
Today, Karl, not only because he is able to continue the Chanel empire, but especially for his personality, his intelligence, his perfectionism, his gentle arrogance, his avant-gardism sense and his boldness.

P.: Your fashion icon?

S.: Carrie Bradshaw (alias Patricia Field :-)) because she dared everything and she knew how to mix fashion designer with second hand items. And Alexa Chung, for the same reasons.

P.: 3 things you can’t live without:

S.: My wrist tattoo, my phone & my closet

Finally, take a look at MY two favorite pieces in the shop ( it was hard to just choose 2)

For your next shopping spree.....

Les Fripeuses
4B rue Jean-Violette
+41 22 321 52 25


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