Friday, 28 January 2011

Mad about Mad Men!

By now, most of you might have heard about the famous TV show called Mad Men which revolves around the world of advertisement in the late 1950’s. Interestingly, the name, Mad Men, comes from the fact that the big advertisement agencies were, at that time, located mostly on the renowned Madison Avenue in New York. Not the explanation you would have thought of at first right?? Anyway, the show is interesting and fascinating in many levels giving us an insight on this world, acting as a wonderful time machine.

At first, it gives us a view on high-powered men’s life of that time, from their relation with women and their wives, (I consciously distinguished women AND their wives as it seems that at that time it was quite unusual for men to follow monogamy!!!!) to their relation with work and fellow workers. Emphasize is also given to women and the place they held in society and their family.

While many interesting characters constitute the show it is around the glamorous central couple, Don and Betty Draper that the story revolves. Creative Director of the agency, Sterling Cooper, Don is an ambivalent subject we love and hate at times. Well, to tell the truth it is sometimes hard to even hate him as he is just gorgeous and filled with charm and elegance from out of this world! His wife Betty, who has a very strong Grace Kelly look, is the perfect representation of the beautiful, stylish and elegant women of the late 50’s. While being the “perfect” wife at the beginning, she goes through an interesting evolution throughout the seasons to finally rebel herself and go through her own crisis.

Last but not least, one of my favorite aspects of the show is the style!! The high-waisted under-the-knee length skirts, the cropped cardigans, the long gloves, the lady-like bags, the elegant hair-does are to die for! Also, the way women dressed up in exquisite cocktail dresses for any occasion is fascinating. This style had such an impact that many designers got inspired by it in their last Autumn/Winter collection (Louis Vuitton being the best example).

In other words, Mad Men is a wonderful window on the world that was, with its negative and positive aspects, embellished by a vintage style we could be nostalgic of. I can’t recommend this show enough, which will have you quickly hooked on (directly from the opening credit which, I would like to point out, is an accomplishment in matter of structures, graphics and rhythm)!!!


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I love your style!

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Great Idea!

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