Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Google Art Project: a real revolution!!!!

Do you love art so much that your dream would be to be able to visit some of the most famous museums around the world? Or, even if not being an art passionate you are just so very curious to see some of those museums everyone is talking about but do not have the time or the money to do it?? If so, this new website by Google is for you!!!

As a matter of fact, yesterday, Google launched his new Art Project, a virtual art gallery reassembling more than a thousand works of art, 1061 works of 483 artists to be precise, while working with 17 museums around the world!

Note that as it possible to zoom very close to the work of arts, thus giving the possibility of exploring and admiring real masterpieces while comfortably seated in your chair or sofa in the warmth of your home.

Enough talking, do not wait any longer and treat yourself with a travel around some of the biggest museums in the world by clicking here.

Plus, in the video below take a look at the behind the scenes of this Art Project!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this article!!! I love the way you mix fashion, arts & rock'n'roll (the etam post ;))!!!

Thanks a lot and please keep going!!!


S. said...

This project is a great idea! Art at home!

Anonymous said...

What a lot is going on in the world, difficult to keep up, but with your intelligent blog we're taken on a real art and fashion spree. Well done