Friday, 28 January 2011

Zoom on Alexa Chung!

I can’t be talking of fashion in my blog without dedicating at least one article to one of my fashion idols, Alexa Chung. Born in November 1983, from a Chinese father and British mother, Alexa has been working as a model and now (apart from being one of the biggest so-called it-girl) works in TV. The fashionista got quickly known outside the UK for her unique style and sparkling personality.

Her look is very hard to describe as it goes from revisited retro to baby doll to even rocker. As one of her particularities, Alexa would typically mix in her outfits a dress by Chanel, shoes by Topshop and a bag by Mulberry, creating an audacious ensemble with a very effortless style. And this is exactly what I just love about her.

I think that in her case, images speak louder than words, so please take a look at a few of my favorite outfits by Miss Alex Chung!! (Please note that it has been very difficult to make a choice as I could have published every single one of her looks).

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