Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Let’s get started….

Fashion… Such diversity embodied in an unique word which creates fascination for many individuals. Each of us has our own definition of this word… For some it can be simply a state of mind, for others a way of life, a lifestyle, and for many a way to dress in adequation with our time. For my part, what I like most about fashion is how each of us transforms a given trend or even a state of mind into an outfit. How each of us creates our own interpretation of fashion, and to an extent of the world we live in, simply by the way we dress. That is the reason why I always spend sooo much time looking at the “style hunter” or “street looks” features of a website or magazine, where random people are photographed in the street.

Here are some of my favorites looks, I recently came across...

Love the mix of “statement pieces “: the red cape, the flashy blue pumps, the fedora. In other words, a very audacious look, in which the different items work harmoniously together, creating an effortless chic, and yet, über-trendy look.

Love the grey cape mixed with the “derby-kind” nude flats and hat.The across-the-body bag gives a more casual and modern look to the outfit. What a nice way to mix up a few of this winter’s trends!!

The hat seems to be THE outmost favorite item as it rocks this look as well. Apart from that, just love love love the leopard tights, the tartan inspired scarf, the briefcase bag and the natural color brogues. In theory, all these elements brought together go in the complete opposite direction of the “less is more” dictate but, in her own way, this young lady found the way to make it look cool and extremely low key and elegant. Thumbs up!

An amazing tweed-like jacket + mini jeans short + ankle flat boots = a stylish and sober look. Also, this outfit delivers the following statement: keeping warm while defying the usual rule of shorts in summer and pants in winter.

Love the 70’s inspired jeans mixed with the green leather perfecto accessorized by Celine’s shopper bag in leather and sherling. A flawless look!

A black and white look which mixes the delicacy of a girly lace dress with the roughness of a biker leather jacket and completed by audacious open-toe boots. Love the baby doll meets the rocker style.

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