Friday, 25 February 2011


Thank God It’s Friday!!! Don’t we all like to arrive to the day of the week when the week-end is just one step away, freeing us from work for two precious days?? Also, isn’t the week-end just the best proof of time’s relativity?? Don’t you systematically wake up on Sunday evening without even knowing where those two days went?? For my part, I always do…. Regarding the week-end, we can identify two different types of persons: the one that will do nothing but chill, to feel time going by and thus having the impression that by doing that the week-end is actually longer, and, in the opposite, there is the one which will occupy each second of these two days, running errands, going to see exhibitions or movies, clubbing, etc….

Which one are you?? If you are part of the second group, here is my personal selection of nice exhibitions across Europe and the States you might want to go and take a look at for a cultural week-end! An even if you’ll be Sunday evening in a second, at least you’ll be intellectually a little richer ;-)

If you are in London:

Gabriel OROZCO at the Tate Modern ( until the 25th of April)

Mexican contemporary artist born in 1962, Gabriel Orozco could be defined as part of the post minimalist group, creating art in the streets, his apartment or wherever he is inspired. The artist is known for his very own interpretation of found objects which he subtly alters. The artist works on sculptures of everyday objects while making us looking at them in a different way. In the exposition, you will find these kinds of sculptures while his photos will also be on display, photos which reveal the capturing beauty of fleeting moments. You will also notice that a lot of his art revolves around game playing, for examples he created a billiard table with no pockets and a pendulum-like hanging ball.

If you are in Paris:

Already-Made? At the Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont ( until the 24th of March)

This group exhibition reunites works from artists such as Koons, Basquiat, Warhol and Ben, to only cite a few, who are looking at the metamorphosis of the manufactured object into a work of art.

If you are in Geneva:

Hôtel Sarkis at the Mamco ( until the 8th of May)

This exhibition reassembles most of Sarkis’ pieces as “Hôtel Sarkis” is a theater of memory, in which the artist in a way pays tribute to his sources of inspirations while his pieces brought together constitute the artist’s path creating a certain retrospective exhibition. The Museum is completely transformed, as walls are painted, floors are decorated, in order to plunge the visitor in the artist’s universe with his questions, doubts, and own interpretation of the world around him and of various creators (musicians, philosophers, writers, etc.). Having seen that particular exhibition I strongly recommend those in Geneva to make a stop there.

If you are in New York:

Abstract Expressionist New York at the MOMA (Until the 25th of April)

The MOMA stands up to its reputation by presenting the exhibition around the famous Abstract Expressionism art movement. More than sixty years have gone by since the birth of this movement which produced great artists such as Jackson Pollock, providing us with immense masterpieces which have crossed the years while remaining object of fascination for many of us. Abstract expressionism propelled the city of New York to the center of international art in the 1950’s. In the exhibition, you will find sculptures as well as paintings, prints, drawings photographs, films and archive materials. In other words, a date with History and a Must-See!


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for this excellent post!
I've been to the "Hotel Sarkis" and it's really a must-see for the Genevois!

Can't wait for my week end to begin ;)!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely choice. I do love your blog GP

G.M. said...

Again an interesting tour of "what's on in the art world". I'd like to be everywhere and see everything, and you whet our appetites! Hotel Sarkis most interesting, rooms of unusual colours,offering up his pieces as in a frame, and water colours in water most fascinating. Enjoyed your analysis .