Wednesday, 23 March 2011

In Her Shoes!

Don’t we all have a small Carrie Bradshaw in ourselves?? Like bags, shoes can represent real object of affection for a lot of women, often stepping in as the element defining the entire look!

Also, beside the fashionable aspect, shoes are often used as a symbol to describe one’s life or a given situation. The expression “in her/his shoes” traduces it while being “well in her/his shoes” can be used to describe a confident person.

Bottom line, shoes aren’t only a real drug for all the shoes addict out there...While it is important to feel comfortable in our own shoes in the figurative side, it’s not always the case in the proper side, as often we have to suffer to be beautiful….

Because one can never have tooooo many shoes and because the start of a new season means new models, take a look at my first (you will have many others as the season will wore on...)personal selection to stroll down the streets this spring.

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