Friday, 25 March 2011

Karl Is Everywhere!!

Karl’s creative genius is everywhere, on our dream bags, on our dream outfits, and now for the second time on our Coca Cola light bottles!

As a matter of fact, the designer paired up for the second time with the soda label to dress up the aluminum bottle. The collection will be available from the 11th of April. Karl Lagerfeld didn’t stop there as the super-active German designer is in charge of the ad campaign from which the first images should be released in the following months as not only is he an amazing designer he is also an amazing photographer who knows just how to capture image beautifully taking time on every small detail.

Grey polka-dots on a white background, fuchsia stripes and stars, the collection comes out as rock and chic. Each bottle will be sold between 1 and 1.50 euro and a special packaging imagined by the designer reassembling the 3 bottles will be available.

As I said, Karl is everywhere, on all of the above and now also in our Volkswagen TV ads.

In other words, Karl’s aura and genius crosses every domain and touches everyone, a real modern genius!

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