Sunday, 13 March 2011

My Bag, My Soul...

According to a study carried by a french sociologist, Jean-Claude Kaufmann, our bag, other than being a fashionable item, could represent a real mirror to our soul. Well not our bag, but more what's in it...The content of our bag could in fact have the power of describing our personality according to what we decide to carry around. While being an exterior item, we like to show, its content is quite personal and carries a certain intimacy. Why you decide to bring your book everywhere, some medicines (just in case...), your address book, etc, could reveal more than you would have though about your personality and your anguishes.

Tell me what's in your bag and I'll tell you who you are, seems to be a concept quite IN as, last month, the photograph Pierre Klein asked to dozens of women to empty their bags for him to take a picture of the content above a flashy pink background, presented at the coffee Le Salon du Panthéon in Paris along with a film on the owner of the bag and an explanation.
Here below, take a look at a couple of these pictures from the exhibition....

So what's in YOUR bag??

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