Thursday, 24 March 2011

The New Designer-to-Watch!

Produced by the digital print revolution wave Mary Katrantzou follows no rule or trend, just her own imagination and creative spirit. The designer often uses the “trompe l’oeil” technique while creating real fairy universes in her designs. In this season’s collection, which was her first stand-alone show, the young Greek designer (born in 1983!!!) got inspired by the 70’s interior design style and came up with a line so dazzling and artful one could not imagine the fashion world without her anymore.

It is while looking at Helmut Newton’s and Guy Bourdin’s photography when it occurred to her that the scenery and the interiors were as important as the models that were featuring in them. And in an homage to these interiors often forgotten, Mary Katrantzou made them at the center of her collection. As per her own words: “With this collection, I wanted to put the room on the woman, rather than the woman in the room." Moreover, the designer reportedly worked with 3D for the first time while designing the prints, which points out to the modernity of her methods and the new generation in which she belongs.

A memorable collection, in which features surprising prints, constituting even more surprising outfits. An example: an ensemble in which the top part features a pool in an LA house while the lower part represents a view of the city by night from a balcony that, as one could imagine, is part of the same setting.

I think that Mary Katrantzou is a real designer-to-watch as it has been long since someone created the sensation like that, producing highly creative outfits while still wearable! Also, love the art meets fashion vibe as once more it is proven that the boundaries are really light between these two artistic domains.

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