Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Power of Music!

Last night, I had the chance of attending a great concert as I went to see Cocoon! I don't know if you all have heard about that group but if you haven't, I really recommend you to check it out as their music is just amazing.

The group is composed by Morgane Imbeaud ( born April 1987) and Mark Daumail ( born December 1984) and was created in 2006. One of the particularity is that it is a French group singing in perfect English. You could describe the genre as pop/folk with each of their songs transporting you far away by the rythm, the lyrics but also by their very particular and beautiful voices which seemed to have been made to sing together. Not only to they concentrate on composing songs, they also love to create an entire world around their albums in which they can freely let their inspiration flow. Their first album was called "My Friends All Died In A Plane Crash" in 2007 and last year came out their second "Where The Ocean Ends".

Not only is their music breath-taking and so refreshing as different from everything we know, their nice and low-key personalities add to the pleasure of watching them perform.

I could keep going on about their talent and how their music just transcends you but I'd rather let you figure this out for yourself. Here below are two songs from successively their first and second album: " Chupee" and " In My Boat". The first is the clip video so that you can grasp their entire universe and the second is them on live! Finally, you will find a very different interpretation of a song you all know!


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