Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Small Is Beautiful!!

This season will mark a big goodbye to oversize bags and a huge hello to the smaller version.

Not only are the bags going to be smaller but they will especially be worn on the shoulder. We said the 70’s were back, didn’t we??

So be ready to start seriously sorting all the things you carry around while only keeping the essentials as this year’s trend won’t leave any place for the superfluous.

How do I know that bags are going to be shrinking this season?? Well, I have simply been spotting tiny across-the-body bags on fashionistas and “avant-garde” Alexa Chung for a while now, so it must be true, right?!

While we would all dream for this one....

Or that one…..

Thankfully, there are some cheaper and thus much more affordable alternatives…..Take a look!

Available on by clicking here!

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