Friday, 11 March 2011


As announced a few weeks earlier, the 70’s will be enjoying a nice revival this season with flare cuts, flower power look and vaporous blouses leading the game… When we think about the 70’s, apart from the all cited above, a particular fabric was declined on most outfits, even worn in total look, and that is: THE DENIM!!

Yes, with the return of the 70’s as a major trend, the denim is making its great comeback without moderation!!!!
Like the association of bright colors in an outfit, the total denim look, represented for years the summum of bad taste and outdated style!! While this season, it’s nearly a must! Plus, this year's denim isn't only blue but pink, yellow, orange, etc. Told you it was the season of colors didn't I?

In that regards, Topshop has made a selection of denim items to shop till you drop!

And, here is my personal selection...

All available by clicking here!

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