Thursday, 7 April 2011

Alexa For Superga

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, the Italian brand decided to associate its image to the sparkling and stylish Alexa Chung. What a best way to rejuvenate a brand and make it more appealing to the new generations than to use as face of the brand one of the most looked at trend setter?

Well, for my part, I think that the ad campaigns clearly changes the way I looked at Superga and may even make we want to buy myself a pair. I should say re-buy as, like many of you I guess, I had a few of them when I was younger, as this pair of shoe was quite a Hit in the 90’s.

Moreover, I love the atmosphere of the ad campaign, Alexa Chung is beautiful and sticks perfectly to that summery and soft countryside setting. Also, I just adore the lilac dress she is wearing in the first picture and must find out from where it comes from :-).

Take a look at few of the pictures from the ad campaign as well as a short video featuring the behind the scenes of the shoot.

To see the video, click here!

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