Friday, 1 April 2011

Belt Up!!

Often forgotten, belts are an essential part of our outfits. Highlighting our waists in various textures and thicknesses, belts are worn differently each season. While last year it was more about the thick high waist, marking our waist in a more 50’s-60’s way, this year is all about the skinny belt to add a delicate touch to our look.

In snake-effect, studded, natural, everything is possible as long as it stays skinny. Worn just at the top of the thighs, no need to hold your breath too long, compressed into a stretch belt, like the past season. Above a long skirt (my favorite), on a long blouse, on a long/short dress to give a little more relief, you won’t be able to skip this accessory this year.

Here is my selection, available at Topshop by clicking here.

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