Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A Birkin To Help The World?

Well, that is exactely what Jane Birkin herself intended to do as she sold her Namesake Hermès Bag for £100'000, amount which was given in total to help Japan.

The famous bag, which is the original, the very first created for the actress, decorated with stickers and talismans from Jane's travels, got sold on ebay this week-end with all the profit going to the British Red Cross.

Let's take the opportunity around this very generous act to recall to some of you the origin of this emblematic bag.

Well, during a flight between Paris and London in 1981, Birkin was seated next to Jean-Louis Dumas (former President of the French Maison who died in 2010) and after spilling the entire content of her bag on the floor of the plane, started to mumble on how she would love a leather bag spacious enough for all her stuff. And, she only had to ask… As Jean-Louis Dumas responded to her request by creating a bag for her, named after her and based on an 1892 design. A real fashion fairy tale isn’t it??

Here is a picture of Jane Birkin with the bag she sold for charity...

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