Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Festival Season!

While the 60’s had the famous Woodstock, we have Coachella, Glastonbury, Isle of Wight, Werchter…. And it means good music but also good fashion.

As a matter of fact, “the festival style” is quite particular….Each festival has its own kind of style, from more glamorous at Bestival to more hippie at Coachella, while at the end the overall look is a laid back style reflecting the festival state-of-mind which is all about living the life and enjoying the present moment rythmed by good music!

The clothes worn have to be comfortable, practical (not to forget the rain boots at Glastonbury for example) while at the same time very thought through and experimented sometimes to the extremes. When looking at pictures from these festivals, individuals often seem like dressed up, like disguised in the “festival apparel”. Accessories play a great part in creating the looks, with hats, glasses and sunglasses as well as bags never neglected!!

For my part, I just love the festival look for its low-key/bohemian/hippie vibe and here is my personal selection of items revolving around that style!

Plus, take a look at some of our favorite fashionistas rocking the festivals…

Finally, having said that, music is still of course the most important aspect of festivals so click here for a list of TimeOut’s best music festivals!! Enjoy!!!

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