Thursday, 21 April 2011

Play Around!

The playsuit trend which has started showing its face last year may leave many of you skeptical regarding its real esthetic appeal…..

As a matter of fact, while the practicability of this item isn’t to be discussed, some might wonder if wearing a playsuit doesn’t sometime equals dressing in a bag!?!

Well, if you want my advice, everything depends on which playsuit you choose…. Quite logical right? It is actually the same principle for every outfit…. Should you choose the wrong jeans and your thighs would seem 2 times bigger… Should you choose the wrong sweater and your tummy and chest could not be flattered… Should you choose the wrong length of skirt, the appearance of your silhouette could change completely…..etc, etc….

Moreover, it is also once more all about the accessories… You think a playsuit is boring and lacks depth or structure? Add a belt to mark your waist…. Or wear it with a nice pair of clog or pumps to elongate your silhouette….

The playsuit can be worn day or night, underneath a blazer with nice pumps and clutch or more casually with gladiator sandals and an across-the-body bag.

Take a look at my selection of my playsuits (all from Topshop, click here to shop).

Plus, here below you will find some accessories which would suit very well the playsuit look….



Convinced yet??

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