Monday, 4 April 2011

Today I Am Wearing - Best Of

The "Today I am Wearing" chronicle by is taken over by Alisson Mosshart, Kill’s singer, for the month of April… The concept of stepping into the shoes of some of the world’s most stylish women as they opened their wardrobes to Vogue and indirectly to us, has started in February 2010 by no other than Alexa Chung. After a little more than a year, I wished to feature here some of my favorite looks. From Italian elegance by Margherita Missoni, to New York class by Olivia Palermo, passing by London eccentricity by Charlotte Dellal, these fashionistas gave us style inspirations for every occasion by letting us peek into their intimacy.

Note how it is interesting to see how each of them decide to take the picture, in front of which background and taking which pose. Some go for very simply poses while other like, Coco Rocha for example, take more delirious ones. Also, while some decide to go with very simple pictures inside their apartment, thus revealing some of their privacy, or outside in the street wherever they are, some like Olivia Palermo keep a certain distance taking the pose before a white background like during a real photo shoot. The quality of the photograph differs as well in each series. Finally, some choose a more natural appearance with no make-up on such as Margherita Missoni while some like Olivia Palermo are very sophisticated in every picture, thus in an extent, we could say that these series of picture reveal somehow a part of the celebrity’s personality.

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