Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Another Fashion Comeback!

This season could be called the “Comeback Season” as another trend is making an apparition on the fashion scene, after years of absence: the bathing suit!

Yes, your heard that right, the bathing suit won’t only be for pregnant women or for swimming lessons this summer and while it has been spiced up with models featuring backless, plunging necklines, prints, ruffles, etc, thus became much more appealing for even the youngest among us.

So, don’t hesitate and leave your itsy bitsy tiny winy bikini on the side and give into the bathing suit for a change….
While I like that trend and find that one can look even more sexy with a one-piece than with a bikini, I guess that the tanning lines won’t be very gracious…

So, let go of all your pre-conceived ideas and take a glimpse at my selection of models from the more classic to the more eccentric ones and look how bathing suits can be fun….

Convinced yet?? If so, click here to shop.

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