Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Royal Wedding Street Style

The Royal Wedding, which happened last Friday, apart from being a major historical event scrutinized by the entire world, was a real scenery to great street style.

As a matter of fact, London being one of the fashion capitals of eccentric and free style, we could notice a great concentration of atypical and interesting looks in the surroundings of the wedding venue.
People gathered by hundreds in many parts of the city, watching the wedding altogether in front of a screen or, for the most motivated amongst them, remaining around the abbey to see the royalties.

I was quite amazed when I looked at some of the images of people watching the wedding on big screens as most of them were quite dressed up, even wearing a hat, like if part of the guests. ;-)
It was a very touching image, which illustrated the English’s devotion and admiration to the royal family, whatever the age and generation.

So, you must imagine that many photographs invaded the streets of London on that day, looking for interesting looks, and here is my selection….


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