Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Take A Look!

More often, brands tend to come up, season after season, with their Lookbooks in which they bring together elements from their collections, creating audacious and inventive outfits from them… By looking at these Lookbooks one can hardly resist the buying temptation as these mix of pieces surely give ideas on how to wear a certain outfit and how it looks even better with a second piece from the collection.
These Lookboos were always given in the form of leaflets in the stores while, for my part, I looked at them quickly to then throw them away… Now with the internet, with these lookbooks always highlighted in the shopping section, one can very difficultly miss them.

Today, I came across Zadig&Voltaire’s one for this season and I must say that I just adored nearly every single look and most of all how the pieces were brought together in unique outfits. Should you like one of these looks, you have the opportunity to “shop the look”, so very convenient right?? What excuse is there not to buy now as you have everything handed out to you… And this is the problem, these Lookbooks make it much harder to resist…..

But well, as we like to be tempted, here are my favorite looks……

To shop the looks, click here!

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S. said...

As a huge and unconditional friend of Z & V I love all those looks!