Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A Walk Down Memories Lane.....

As the Cannes Festival kicked off a week ago, it is too early to take a real look at THE gowns seen on the red carpet (while we already saw a few….and one or two I adored BTW) and as “red carpet fever” has in consequence already caught us, I wished to dedicate an article to a few of my favorite Cannes gowns seen over the past years.

You will notice that a few of them are worn by Diane Kruger, which I must admit, is one of my favorite stars regarding her red carpet choices, from the gown to the jewels passing by, of course, the hair-do and make-up.

Montons les marches de Cannes….

A real princess gown by Eva Longoria who dared the white, always challenging as not to appear too bride-like…

Love the simpleness and grace of this pastel orange Greek-like dress worn by Vahina Giocante. Ok, her sun-kissed skin does help enhance the effect of the dress.

Angelina Jolie was quite a fashion precursor when she wore this nude gown on the red carpet a few years ago. Always sticking to the “less is more” adage, Angelina Jolie is just perfect. Plus, note the bright red lipstick, a very small detail for a very big effect….

Like directly out from “Mad Men”, Louise Bourgoin rocks this dress by Louis Vuitton’s 50’s collection just perfectly. As a big fan of lace, I can only adore this dress for its feminine, delicate and, most of all, retro look.

This dress worn by Kate Beckinsale could illustrate the typical red carpet look for its spectacular sensation. For my part, I love the tulle detail and the exaggerated mermaid line of the gown.

What not to love about this simple yet audacious gown…. Diane Kruger brought the “color block” on the red carpet a couple of years before the democratization of the trend…. Also to dare the fuschia on the red carpet isn’t a simple affair, and by keeping her hair and make-up casual, she just got it all right.

All that glitters, just love that dress by Elizabeth Banks…. It’s just the kind of dress I could be seen wearing if I were to appear on a red carpet somewhere… ;-)

Rock’n’Roll attitude by Marion Cotillard who just challenges what is established with this night version of the playsuit .

Just one word: WAOUWW. A feminine, stylish, graceful and sexy gown… Love the asymmetric hair-do and the earrings. A zero fault look!!

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