Tuesday, 28 June 2011

2 Sisters, 1 Jewelry Line!

Twice a year, my friends, Bayla and Liah treat us with their colorful delicate and inventive jewelry line. Made by themselves (very impressive right?) the line uses various semi-precious stones for aesthetics and quality pieces.

As I went to their summer sale yesterday, it was my first time to one of their sales, I must say that I was impressed not only by the jewelry but also by the touching image of 2 sisters working together, around a common project destined to please others with beautiful and affordable jewelry.
Also, another very important point is that, as every piece is handcraft by them, each piece is unique thus an element adding to the value.... That is why it is better to go the first day of the sale (there are usually two).

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets (they even created a “bracelet bar” this time where one could create its own bracelet by choosing from a range of stones, pearls etc), ornamented by pompoms, butterflies, stars, in colors from bright fuchsia to black….

I got myself this necklace… I chose a neutral color, although I was quite tempted by the fuchsia or the turquoise, to be able to wear it all year long!

Here is a brief overview of the collection composed by my favorite pieces!

In other words: Well Done Girls!


Liah said...

Thanks a lot Popy, what a nice description of our work! Liah

Anonymous said...

Beautiful jewelry, to be worn at all times and every season !
Your article is delightful and true...We are all impressed and love L&B's collections !

Silver Gemstone Jewelry said...

Popy i like jewelry in your blog you shown in this post,

Mariana said...

wow ! like it !
like the presentation too !
any website ??! how to get them ?