Thursday, 9 June 2011

A Fashion Delight!

Today I wish to dedicate an article to a brand I discovered not long ago… Erdem, by seeing one of my style idols, Alexa Chung, wearing that dress….

I then started to explore more what the brand had to offer and I must say that I have been entirely and utterly seduced.

The collection for this S/S 2011 embodies everything one would imagine a “100% feminine” line would look like. Lace and flowery prints being the name of the game with rigid and structured lines sharing the spotlight with long and fluid ones as well as transparency and white opposed to bright colors. To say that I loved the collection is nearly an understatement as I could see myself wearing every single piece of it…
The line is creative, feminine, delicately sexy and just simply beautiful.

Images speaks louder than words, so I will let you get your own advice by looking at my ultimate favorite pieces….

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