Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Mini Fashionistas

Creative genius Alber Elbaz entered the realm of childhood as he came up, for the first time, with a chlidrenswear collection, “Lanvin Petite”, for girls between 4 to 10 years old, like out from a fairy tale.

As a matter of fact, the capsule collection of 25 “precious” pieces has nothing to do with an ordinary children line with every piece created in a range of exquisite and luxurious materials such as: washed organza embroidered with crystals, satin ribbon and grosgrain, draped or pleated tulle. In other words: not for playing at the park or eating ice-cream…. But when was it said that fashion and practicality went hand in hand??

The collection is full of fantasy, dreams and princess-like feelings and we wouldn’t have expected less from Alber Elbaz, a real fairy godfather. Note that to complete the look, the designer has come up with tiny Lanvin ballerinas in a patent, satin-finished material, crowned with a little pompom made out of tulle….. So cuuuuute!!! I can only imagine how many mothers will have a tear in their eye just by imagining their little princesses in such outfits, the summum of cuteness, and for the lucky ones, by actually seeing their babies in the dresses….

The collection will hit Lanvin stores in November as well as other Lanvin stockist around the world…

Here are a few pieces from the collection!

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