Monday, 6 June 2011

Mulberry's New Born!

After the Bayswater, the Alexa, the Tillie, here comes the Polly Push Lock....

While it is a new model, as always, Mulberry found its inspiration in one of its previous iconic one, the Tillie (seen here below). As a matter fo fact, you will recognize the shape from the last model, to which the "push lock" has been added for a vintage touch. (Let's remember that to obtain the Alexa, Mulberry's designers have mixed 2 of their famous models, the Bayswater and the Elkington men's briefcase....)

As for now, the bag is available in 3 color tones: Conker, Pumpkin and Midnight.

Here is the Conker... For my part, I must say that I have been seduced by this new born, thus confirming my total and unconditional devotion to Mulberry's bags....

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