Friday, 10 June 2011

Portrait Of The Week - Sarah Jessica Parker

I wish to dedicate this week’s portrait to someone (or more precisely a role she played….)who is clearly part of the origin of my love for fashion….. Sarah Jessica Parker. As a matter of fact, her most famously known personage, Carrie Bradshaw, from the “Sex and the city” series introduced me to the fun and eccentric side of fashion. So let’s take a look at the women behind the style goddess, who might have inspired and fascinated a high number of you girls out there…

Born on the 25th of March 1965, Sarah Jessica Parker is the fourth child in a recomposed family of 8 kids and, after her parents’ divorce, had to very early step into the working world, studying dance and acting to help her parents provide for the family. She very early obtained her first role in television, at 8 years old and later on her talents permitted her to play at Broadway in “The Innocents” and most importantly to be a few years after that the major role in “Annie” from 1979 to 1980.

After a succession of participations in movies such as “The Sunshine Boys” and “Mars Attacks!” it is in 1998 that her life changed (on another level, ours, the sex and the city fans, too!!!) as it was the beginning of “Sex and the City” in which she embodied the role of Carrie Bradshaw for 6 seasons. Considered as the best TV show of the 00’s, the serie propelled the actress’s career to other levels and enabled her to be awarded by the Best TV Show Actress Golden Globe in 2000,2001,2002,2004. Her years as Carrie Bradshaw ended in 2004 until the personage got resuscitated for a movie in May 2008 and June 2010.

After the end of the serie of her life, as we could call it, Sarah Jessica turned back to the big screen as she starred in a few movies as The family Stone (2005), Failure to Launch (2006), Smart People (2008) and, more recently, Did You Hear About the Morgans? (2009).

Then, fashion-wise, as I do love Sarah Jessica’s style and find that she really knows how to dress(I, for example, recently adored her Elie Saab dress in Cannes) I’d rather concentrate on Carrie Bradshaw’s style for its inventive, eccentric and passionate side.
Carrie Bradshaw style is indefinable, un-characterizable and, most all, un-wearable by the common of mortals…. Mixing genres, textures length, colors, accessories, her style is inventive, audacious, glamorous, chic and most all extravagant!! Carrie Bradshaw could make a plastic bag as a skirt look amazing! I remember, in one episode, she was wearing a bra on top of her shirt and it just looked fabulous! It shows us that at some point it’s all about the “style aura”, and if you’re confident in your outfit and believe in your style, you can actually wear anything! Well, we can’t all be Carrie Bradshaw, and I must say, that Sarah Jessica’s amazing figure does help…. Sexy but never vulgar, eccentric but never crazy, her style is all about the representation of “free style”, the liberty of dressing differently every day by, at the same time, freeing ourselves from the boundaries and limits we, or the society, place upon ourselves.

Now, will let the images speak for themselves…. Let’s enter the wardrobe of a modern fashion icon!!

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