Thursday, 30 June 2011

“The Sartorial-Twist”

Today, I would like to present a new website by Harry Bonner Woodrow, a big fan of Scott Schuman's work.

This last name as well as the title of my article might have already rang a bell as the famous blog "The Sartorialist" is nearly an institution in the fashion world as Scott Schuman has been the first to introduce the idea of street-style. As a matter of fact, his blog reassembles pictures of random individuals as well as actors and models taken in the streets around the entire world. Having an incredible eye on details and original styles, Scott Schuman represented an inspiration for Harry Bonner Woodrow who has taken one step further with this new website, "The Sartorial-Twist".

The concept, very simple but which had never been explored in that way before, consists of mixing images from different photographs thus creating an image composed by three different particles. The result comes in as an interesting and staggered look on fashion and its cliché… The website is very user friendly with one image on the homepage you can refresh just by clicking…
I, for my part, have been entirely seduced by the concept!!

Do not wait one second and enter fashion's twisted world by clicking here!

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