Friday, 8 July 2011

Watches For The Young

I wished to dedicate an article to a brand I had the pleasure of discovering a few days ago and which I found interesting by its concepts and ideas as well as by the collection itself.

“My ambition was to assemble a team of the finest craftsmen in Switzerland to create a brand that would fit the new generation, my generation, the one that is unlike any other. Our watches would be uncompromising, an original blend of classic and modern, of technology and tradition”. Here are John Isaac’s own words on his watch brand, the young designer created in 2006 at only 27 years old.

Timeless pieces for the young generation, is how we could describe the new John Isaac line. As a matter of fact, while the brand uses the same suppliers as much of the prestigious Swiss watch companies, the models remain affordable thus rendering quality accessible. Mixing innovation and design with elegance and classicism, this new collection by John Isaac addresses itself to a very particular market one tends to forget about. The young generation which wishes to possess a watch of their own, not their father’s one, which will last throughout the years at a fairly reasonable price, without neglecting the quality. And this is exactly what John Isaac proposes.
Recognizable amongst many by their innovative design composed by soft lines, vibrant colors and big numbers, models exist for men, women and even children. Symbolically, one of the goals of the collection is to reverse the usual logic, with, for once, fathers willing to borrow their sons’ watches.

The collection is composed by four lines: One, Icon, Rough Sea, and Grand Prix with each range offering a large spectrum of models available in different materials and versions. Also, two styles are of a limited edition, Jumping Hour and Quantième. For more technical information, all of the watches embody a mechanical movement fueled by the wrist’s movements and note that, quite exceptionally for a brand of this standing, the guaranty covers during 2 years long all of the watches against robbery or any other material damage.

John Isaac’s modern spirit doesn’t stop at the design as you have the incredible possibility of not only purchasing the watch on the internet, but also of ordering it just to try it on. As a matter of fact at John Isaac, the belief is that “as with any prestigious timepiece, you need to have the watch on your wrist to never want to take it off”. For that, you just have to follow a few steps clearly mentioned on the website. (Click here) Quite revolutionary right?

As I believe that in many cases images speak louder than words, take a look at my favorite pieces from the collection. As mentioned before, distinct models are available for men and women; however, I must say that a women wearing a man’s watch is verrry much in fashion!!!

For additional information do not hesitate and visit the website by clicking here!

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