Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Style Preview: Gossip Girl New Season

All of you Gossip Girl followers will surely agree that while the storyline and intense ups and downs of the show do keep us hooked, we must admit that the fashion and looks featured by B. and S. (amongst others...) are another reason making that show a real must-see!!!

If you are like me, hating the summer break of all our favorite shows and not waiting to see the beginning of the new season to see what will happen on all the stories which were left in total suspens (won't say more for those who haven't seen the end of the season yet ;-)), you'll be happy to see these few shots taken on set, in order to grasp the kind of fashion we will be seeing in the new season...

You will notice a couple of new actresses as Liz Hurley and Roxane Mesquida, French actress who will play Louis's sister.


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