Wednesday, 5 October 2011

An Underwater Tale!

If there is a show every single fashionista awaits even as much as the messiah, it’s incontestably Chanel’s!! And I must say that this year, for the Spring/Summer 2012 collection, Karl Lagerfeld didn’t fail to amaze us like always by presenting a spectacular show above all of our expectations.

First, about the setting… The master literally plunged us into a magical underwater world with the Grand Palais transformed by huge, blinding white sea shapes as corals, shells, sea horses and stingrays. All these elements where like frozen in a timeless and dreamy universe with the models successfully appearing from a bubbled corridor. If you pay attention at the more broaden view of the setting from above, you will notice that even the repartition of the guests has been carefully studied, with the spectators forming some kind of black seaweed bushes. Not only do you have the privilege of attending Chanel’s runway show, you are even part of the setting and decoration!

The show took the aspect of a concert around 8 minutes before the end with Florence Welch, from Florence and the Machine who made a beautiful performance of her title, “What the Water Gave Me.", after arising from a shell as Botticelli’s Venus in the world-known painting “The Birth Of Venus” (1486).

Now, the collection…. The new line was another proof of Karl Lagerfeld’s genius to adapt Chanel’s lexicon to diverse style. The line was nothing “too” Chanel as the designer’s stated there was too many of that in the world, nevertheless, the collection kept the Chanel codes such as boxy tweeds, drop waists, mille-feuille pleats, and an ocean of breath taking pieces, as always. Sequin (which seemed nearly like fish skin), and ruffles which seemed like sea sponge contributed in traducing the underwater theme in the collection. Also, you will note that instead of belts, pearls were used to waist the outfits. In few words, the collection was light, innovative and just totally C.H.I.C. However, I would like to address a huge B.R.A.V.O as not only did Lagerfeld produce a sublime collection, he also took a risk which is refreshing for someone who has spent so many decades in the business.

Now, let’s take a look at THE show! Click here!

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GM said...

Really beautiful show, light and airy, lovely prints, pearls, lots of flat shoes and the decor was magnificent. And....the models didn't look like stick insects, a great improvement!