Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Trend On Trial: Socks And Heels!

Here is a new trend I am quite sceptic about but I thought it was quite interesting to notify it as it was everywhere on the catwalks... Socks and heels!!!

While it carries a nice baby doll/preppy feel I am not sure how it is pratically wearable... By that I mean... I won't see any interest of wearing socks in summer, and in winter socks aren't enough to keep the whole leg warm.. Get my point? I know that fashion doesn't always have to be practical but still....

What do you think?

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GM said...

Not only not practical, but not pretty either frankly, looks like the war years, (anything to keep warm,) and attracting attention to one's beautiful high heels by down-playing them like this is a pity, takes away attention from other more interesting parts of one's outfit! So from expensive tramps to bag ladies, where next?