Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Meet Clio Goldbrenner

A Belgian Success Story…

Clio Goldbrenner at only 26 is at the commands of her own bag line created 2 years ago. From a passion for film production which got challenged by the realities of the business, to top Economic studies and 2 years working for an International brand in the Marketing department, Clio decided to take the plunge after a trip she took with her boyfriend. During these holidays, she got struck by the importance of a single accessory and by this single thought, Clio Goldbrenner was born…

After only 2 years, the bags and clutches are present in 60 retail outlets and her reputation is already quite strong as the young Belgian designer got featured in many famous magazines such as Elle and Marie Claire. The talent as well as the hard work and perseverance of this sparkling designer whom wasn’t shy and didn’t hesitate to knock on doors, paid off, and this for our great pleasure, as the bags are just what, modern women as us, needed.

For Spring/Summer 2012, Clio presents her third collection, colorful and vibrant, even more accomplished than the previous, as her will is to continuously improve what she offers. Every model is decorated by a golden band of coat of mail as a symbolic allusion to her name “Goldbrenner” which quickly became her very distinctive trademark.

Not only does her collection impose itself as timeless, elegant, luxurious and practical, some model have already become real classics as the Clio model (the first bellow) which you can find in various colors. Also, note that every model is created in a different leather and each one is named after a muse who comes in as a real inspiration source for Clio and her mother, who works closely with her.

The bags are designed as they would wear them and one of the most important aspects for Clio is that the bags resemble her!

To learn more about Clio, take a look at this interview I conducted of her, and then of course, discover the collection!

To find out where to purchase a Clio Goldbrenner bag, click here.



P: Your definition of fashion
C: For me, fashion is all about being ourselves! I like to dress with what sticks to my personality rather than to follow every single trend

P:Your fashion icon
C: Mélanie Laurent

P: Your favorite outfit
C: Jeans + blouse+blazer+derbies

P: Your favorite fashion designer
C: Isabelle Marant

P: Your ultimate fashion piece
C: My Vanessa Tugendhaft Marquise Necklace

P: Your inspiration(s)
C: Travels + designers + color harmony

P: Your definition of elegance
C: To be confident. For me, elegance is often innate. Or you have it or you don’t…

P: Your favorite personal creation
C:My orange Clio bag, from this season

P: 3 things you can’t live without
C: My fiancé, my family and my friends + my passion+ my phone

P: Your lucky charm
C: Family jewels

P: Your biggest fear
C: That it would all stop….

P: Your biggest dream
C: To have a fulfilling life in every domain: family, work, etc.

P: Your favorite quote
C: A quote by Coco Chanel: "Fashion changes, style endures"

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