Sunday, 30 January 2011

Back to the 70’s!

If I could have chosen the fashion era in which to live in, I would have, without any doubt, chosen the 70’s. With its bell-bottom pants, flower print shirts, platform shoes, round sun-glasses, the 70’s look was colourful, playful, casual in an image of rebellion to all standards and rules established in the past decades. Also, love the women’s long hair decorated by headband as well as the braided hair does.

But moreover, just love the sense of liberty and carelessness that characterized that decade which gave birth to amazing music movement such as, soft and pop rock represented by artists like Bruce Springsteen and Elton John, as well as more progressive rock by groups such as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, to only cite a few of them.

As fashion repeats itself, in a cyclic pattern, even more obviously than history does, we have in past seasons seen the return of 70’s inspired look such as the floral motifs and the flared jeans (of course in a more attenuated way).

Take a look at modern ways to wear the hippie look!

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