Saturday, 29 January 2011

Let's take a walk in the street…

For some, to assemble an outfit can be a challenge or even an every day burden; not to know if a certain colour goes with another of if two prints can be put together. Moreover, some constraints due to the work environment or position can limit one’s imagination and possibilities. I have always been fascinated by those girls who just seem to throw on the first thing they see in their cupboards while looking natural and just amazing, don’t you?? I made a selection of pictures of these kinds of girls to look at for inspiration ;-)

This style is the perfect illustration of how a single element of an outfit can create an entire look!! While the black pants and the stripped sweater worn with simple snickers would have been a very simple outfit, the leopard heels make it no ordinary look. Also, the contrast between the casualness of the outfit and the fanciness of the shoes is interesting and eye-catching.

In this look, love the biker shearling jacket, aka the ultimate star of Winter 2011.

Mad Men's style revisited. How to wear retro style without looking dressed up? This women seem to have the response, rocking a very simple yet edgy late 50's style. The twist brought by the lace thights and laced-up boots brings just the touch of modernity the look needs in order to look actual.

A shirt dress worn with a leather perfecto and flat derbies, a very simple combination for a big effect.

To fight the cold and remain extremely stylish is possible and this look is the best example. The vintage fur coat, the long skirt and the flat laced-up shoes create a very Mary-Kate Olsen style that this woman is pulling out with class and a certain simplicity which can be tricky with a fur coat.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for these pictures!
the comments are spot on!

Popy said...

Thanks alot for the comment!
Happy you like them ;-)