Tuesday, 8 March 2011

When Fashion Meets Football!

Who would have thought that one day these two domains could possibly interact?!?!

Well, here is yet another illustration of the challenging of the borders between fashion and multiple, and so very opposed, domains!

As a matter of fact, Nike, new sponsor of the French national football team has redesigned the jersey in order to mark a fresh start for the team whose image had quite suffered after the fiasco on and off court of the last World Cup in South Africa. And, interestingly, for the “outside jersey” (and by that I mean, the jersey the players will be wearing for their matches outside France), Nike decided to reproduce no other than one of France’s national emblem “The Mariniere”.

Before stepping in as one of the most fashionable trends during the past seasons, these famous white and blue stripes (they were widely declined in most colors, but the original is white and blue) were, at the origin, part of the sailors’ uniform in the French navy.

Also, another positive point for this new equipment is the fact that it is the most environment-conscious equipment that Nike has ever created. The fabric is constituted by polyester microfibers 100% recyclable issued from plastic bottles.

The new equipment doesn’t hide its fashionable aspect as it was presented for the first time through Karl Lagerfeld's photos ( cf. the picture here above!)

Note that the jersey will be available in stores from the 26th of March!

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