Tuesday, 8 March 2011

There's Something About Blake!

Discovered as the glamorous Serena Van Der Woodsen, Blake Lively has now managed to step out from her Gossip Girl character while imposing herself as a real fashion icon, worshiped by some of the most exclusive designers!

She managed to conquer Karl Lagerfeld, which isn’t an easy task, as she was designated as new Chanel muse for the “Mademoiselle” bag.

Also, no other than Christian Louboutin named a shoe out of the young fashionista!

At only 23 years old, the start amazes by her natural elegance and charm, in regards of which we understand fully how everyone could be seduced by her!

Object of desire for many men she is also an object of admiration for many women (yes, I am part of them ;-)) who would just die for her hair, her amazing body, her innate class and of course her closet!!! As, Blake and Serena might not be the same person, they do share a common point, their sense of style!!!!!!

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