Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Happy Women's Day!!!

I take the time, on the Women’s Day occasion, to think about the modern women we all are and the tendency that seems to have been installed in the 00’s, to look back at the past period with a certain nostalgia.

As a matter of fact, as we move further away from the women’s revolution in the 80’s, it seems as if we are going back even further, looking back at the stereotype of the woman in the 50’s-60’s with a certain envy, as the situation seemed easier than, when a woman was a mother and a wife and that’s all. Her responsibilities were to bring food on the table and raise her children. The success of the Mad Men show along with the increasing number of cooking and sewing classes, illustrates very well that phenomenon.

Today, a woman has to struggle with multiple tasks and it’s not easy every day. While women have fought to obtain a certain legitimacy in the business world, today we could feel as if, after all these years of fighting, a certain disillusion has taken over. Women have noticed that no matter how hard they work, they practically never are considered the same as their male colleagues. Also, family and work do not go hand in hand, as often a woman’s desire to start a family comes in as an obstacle for her carrier. Thus, the 00’s showed women that even by turning into real superwomen it is extremely hard to have it all!!

We have started a very long and difficult journey but I am sure that one day we will get there!

Now, having said that, for my part I am sometimes quite nostalgic of the 50’s-60’s but more particularly in regards of the beautiful style and hair-dos of that period!

In illustration, take a look here at my favorite looks by Betty Draper (played by January Jones) of Mad Men as she represents, in my view, the incarnation of feminity in its best way!!!


Mariana said...

Happy Woman's Day !
And Bravo for your Blog !
Love it !
I would like to add to your comments: Wonderwoman always has a plan B !

Popy said...

Thank you Mariana for your nice comment!!! Very happy you like the blog! And I totally agree on your comment about the plan B ;-)

Popy said...

and, Happy Women's day to you too!!