Monday, 31 January 2011

Beware of the Fashion Police!

American actress, Joan Rivers known for her very honest talk is the principal host of a TV show featured on E! Entertainment, every public figure should be aware of, Fashion Police. As a matter of fact, along with her co-hosts, E!News anchor Giuliana Rancic, it-girl Kelly Osbourne and stylist George Kotsioloulos, her mission is to hunt down “fashion don’ts” in the celebrities’ sphere. Sitting in their sofa, they normally begin by giving out points for good outfits to then completely trash the ones they didn’t like. Even surrendered by other members of this fashion jury, the show takes at times the aspect of a one woman show with Joan Rivers being the star. In other words, a funny and entertaining show you wish you'd never be talking about on!!!!

Two weeks ago, a Fashion Police special Golden Globes elected Anne Hathaway for her bare-back glittering gown as the best-dressed while on the other side Michelle Williams’ Valentino dress got the jury verrrry upset!

Anne Hathaway
Michelle Williams

Here is a Fashion Police bonus by Joan Rivers gone completely wild ;-) Click here and Enjoy!!!

Also, for around-the-clock Fashion Police, check out Joan's blog here.


Anonymous said...

She's the funniest!!!
Old enough not to care what people will think of her. Love it!!

Mouniah said...

I looove this program and never miss it! But why on earth did they chose Kelly Osbourne as a fashion jury member ??! I mean the white dress she whore at the special Golden Globes was horrible...

mouniah said...

wore sorry... LOL

Popy said...

Yes I know!!! I was quite shocked myself of the choice of Kelly Osbourne as a member of the fashion jury. I think that its maybe more for her honest talk than for her style that she was picked up! xxx