Monday, 31 January 2011

Gaga vs Minaj!

Should Lady Gaga be worried?

Nicki Minaj, up-and-coming singer and Lil’ Wayne’s "protégée" seems to be walking on the Queen of eccentric style’s footsteps.

Gaga acted as a pioneer in the way she creates for herself an actual character, thinking through every one of her appearances, exposing looks and outfits one would never even dream of. Thus, proving that not only being a great singing artist, her imagination and creativity goes well beyond that, lifting her to a fashion icon status in her own category.

Until now, no one had dared enter that category until Nicki Minaj came along. With her crazy outfits and unthinkable hair-dos, this young singer of 26 became in only a few months a hip-hop star and icon. The rapper goes even further by creating real alter-egos as characters, stating that at times, fantasy is her reality. Apparently, this comes from the fact that while growing up she struggled with her parents fighting all the time and found relief in creating an imaginary life for herself.

Could we explain that phenomenon initiated by Lady Gaga to pure fear of exposure? Isn’t it possible that by creating these characters and extreme looks those two young ladies wish to protect themselves from the outside world while being extremely public figures?

Whatever the real reason is, we enjoy their originality and imagination you can really grasp while looking at the following pictures of both of these great artists.

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