Thursday, 27 January 2011

Pure Timeless Elegance

Horst’s “Mainbocher corset” from 1939 is, in my view, the perfect representation of elegance found in art. It is, when you think about it, quite impressive how a still image can deliver such delicateness and purity.

The way the model poses in her half-tied corset, the subtility of the shadows, with the light looking as if coming from outside the pictures, all-together create a mysterious and yet extremely soothing atmosphere. When looking at the picture closely, we notice that everything in the geometrical structure of the photo is studied to bring our eyes out at the upper right extremity: the inclination of the model’s head, the position of her arms, the ray of light, the uncompleted bench….

Also, interestingly, the emphasis given to the lady’s back could recall Degas’ style with his dancers (even though they were paintings!). Despite, being produced over 70 years ago, this artwork carries a sense of modernity and timelessness and this is what I like most about it.


Anonymous said...

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Popy said...

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