Tuesday, 15 February 2011

In the streets of Fashion Week!

If you are like me, passionate about the street style, in other words, fashion interpreted by every day girls just like us, than the fashion weeks are a real haven for you too. As a matter of fact, it seems as if the concentration of stylish girls in the street is de-multiplied! I would even stretch that sometimes I find even more interesting the looks we see strolling down in the streets than those hitting the runways.

Welcome in New York, the city of endless style…. (among many other things!!)

I can already reveal that this look is my favorite as I love everything about it! If taking each component of the outfit separately, one would never have imagined the effect they create when worn together. And this is exactly one of the things I like most in fashion, the surprise! How a certain synergy can be created between particles of an outfit, creating a certain amazement while contemplating the look.

This outfit is the living proof that the myth stating that black and navy don’t go together is completely wrong!!!! I would even recommend wearing these two colors together, the same way as I would recommend wearing black with brown. It is unexpected and, foremost, creates a very elegant and sober look. In this outfit, just love the suede low-boots, the ankle-length skirt and of course, the Proenza Schouler PS1 bag in camel.

Why do we even reflect on the best way to dress in style while all it takes is an oversized biker shearling jacket accessorized by a capelin kind of hat!!??

When Hippie meets Yeti! Love the 70's flare jeans, which, by the way, will be coming back big time this spring!

Loooove the cigarette black pants and most of all, the stripped socks, a very small detail with a big effect on the look!!


G.M said...

So glad to hear your comments on black, brown and blue (presumably navy blue). It is something I have been doing for a while, although persuaded that I was definitely doing something totally wrong style-wise.

Just on an amusing note; I got into the translated text somehow, about the street "look", and in French "look" turned out to be "regard". I wonder what the correct expression is though...."look"? style, attitude, expression corporelle? Any of those? But even with that mistake, your text was very readable. Well done

Popy said...

@GM: Trust me you never do anything wrong style-wise ;-) Always very stylish!
So funny the french translation, as it is, I imagine, an automatic translator on google it really translates the strict meaning! I think the best expression for "look" in French would be style...
Thanks for your comment xxx