Friday, 11 February 2011

One closet all year long??

While I was going through my closet the other day, I wondered, is the idea of having two complete different wardrobes for winter and summer utterly out of fashion??

If you think about it, shorts are now worn all year long, with thick wool tights and boots in fall/winter and above bare legs with sandals in spring/summer. Also, don’t we wear our light liberty print dresses with leggings or tights as well as without any when the weather heats up? Plus, don’t you have a thick cardigan that you would use as a simple jumper to keep warm in winter and as jackets in summer??
It seems as if, the barriers between the seasons have fall down, leaving us with an almost single wardrobe, constituted by numerous versatile pieces.

The downturn in that way of thinking is that after wearing and wearing most of our clothes all year long, we could get fed up more quickly, by having the impression that we always dress with the same outfits!

However, I like that concept as I think that it takes some fashion audacity to find ways to adapt clothes according to the season while remaining stylish. Also, it challenges some rules that have been established with time, while stating once again that in fashion everything is possible and, in an extent, that there is no right or wrong!!

Let’s see how it’s done! Look at how you would very easily imagine the same outfit worn in a “summery” way!

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