Monday, 7 February 2011

Plastic bag: Pros and Cons

As seen in Jil Sander’s last runway show for Spring/Summer 2011, the plastic bag is THE new fashion surprise.

While we have already seen trends around see-through bags, the concept of the real “plastic bag”, resembling the one you would hold while doing your grocery shopping, is new!

But what do we really think about it?? Yes, real fashionistas don’t follow blindly every trend ;-).

Take a look at my “pros and cons” list.

  • Original
  • Light (very important point considering the fact that most of us concretely carry our house in our bags!!)
  • Colourful (who doesn’t want to bring a little colour lifting up the mood preceding the “so-awaited” Spring’s arrival?!)
  • Audacious
  • Low profile

  • Not worth the price (100 Euros for a PLASTIC bag, hmmmm….)
  • See-through (According to me, the most important point as, do we really want everyone to know what we are carrying in our bags?? Everyone needs to have their own secret garden and for some girls, the bag can just be it!)
  • Not very practical (no inside pockets to store small items as phone and keys, thus probably making us loose more time looking for our stuff)
  • Aesthetically not very nice (very subjective point, I am speaking for myself)

Hence, to conclude I would say that it is a very good idea for the runway but, in my view, not so good for the streets!

Now, its up to you to decide if you will surrender to this new trend and go for the plastic bag, I am just the messenger ;-)!


GM said...

I thought plastic bags were very much "out". Aren't we trying to avoid plastic bags? not that this can be compared to supermarket bags of course, but even so they are very environment UN-friendly. Colour and shape can be achieved by so many other ways, why use these petrol based materials! And all your personal other thoughts are so right....very much against for me. In spite of the fact that I love Jill Sander's work and have for years.

Popy said...

You're completely right!! Haven't thought about that crucial point!