Monday, 21 February 2011

The Topshop Phenomenon!

Being the only high street brand to be featured at London Fashion Week, Topshop has proven once again its unicity and reaffirmed its status as one of the best trend setters and shopping destination in London. Everyone from young girls on a budget to worldwide stars, do not miss that stop when in London. It seems then quite logical for the brand to have its own show during the fashion week. The collection presented was from Unique which is the brand developped by Topshop's in-house designers, mirroring all the creativity and stylishness of the British brand.

The show was like no other, in a very low key way, filled with humour and auto-derision. It started with the sounds of barking dogs and Cruella De Vil's theme song from the 101 Dalmatians. Then, we could see strolling down the runway, models whose hair and make up ressembled those dogs, wearing clothes that could be described as Cruella De Vil meeting the 1930's chic. I know, it seems hard to imagine said like that, that is why I have selected for you some of the best looks therebelow. However, this audacious mix of genre can give you just the idea of the immensity of talent and creativity of these in-house designers.

Once more, here's to Topshop for its amazing style and fashion that we can admire AND afford, quite nice for a change ;-)

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