Thursday, 10 March 2011

Anna Dello Russo, Lady Eccentric!

Anna wants to have fun!! This single sentence could summarize the fashion icon’s style as her extravagant and original looks always carry a playful vibe! Vogue Japan’s Chief Editor, is an important personality in the fashion world, mesmerizing by her own unique style which seems to have no limits.

In an extent, we could speculate that Lady Gaga might have taken some inspiration from some of Anna’s looks, as for years now, the fashionista has pulled off outfits few would dare to wear!! And, the most incredible fact is that, she never looks ridiculous!!!! Imagine yourself in one single of her outfits (you will see below) and I challenge you not to laugh out loud! It is very rare to find a personality who carries such inner class and style and therefore who is able to pull such extreme looks!

Because nowadays with the democratization of fashion, with some trends worn by so many nearly turning into uniforms, it is quite refreshing to see someone like Anna, who throughout the years never gave in to conformity. There is only one Anna Dello Russo and we love her!!

As in her case, more than ever, images speak louder than words, take a glimpse at some of her best looks!!

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